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Employment Defense & Business Disputes

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Employment Defense & Business Disputes

Farivar Law guides you on ways to foster and maintain effective labor-management relations. We at Farivar Law represent employers in all facets and at all stages of employment and labor relations. We routinely confront some of the most challenging issues facing employers in the modern workplace and they bring those experiences to clients both large and small and in a variety of industries.

Conflict between your management personnel and employees can affect your company’s morale and bottom line. Our clients value the collaborative, client-centered focus that is the foundation of our approach to achieving successful outcomes, whether in settlement, mediation or litigation. We continuously consult with our clients on all technical and strategic decision making at every phase of the case.

These days, almost any workplace policy or interaction can be a potential hair trigger for costly, high-risk litigation. Accordingly, we combine compliance counseling and litigation services, cutting-edge technology and training offerings, and communication tools to help businesses promote effective labor-management relations and ensure compliance with state and federal labor, discrimination, and wage and hour laws. We help keep employers out of court, yet fight vigorously on their behalf if litigation is necessary.

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November 11, 2015


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