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Get the facts on Bankruptcy

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Get the facts on Bankruptcy


We can help you through every aspect of bankruptcy and advise you of the right steps to take, no matter what your financial condition.


When it comes to trial and civil litigation, whether business or employment related, you need the right lawyer by your side. When it comes to representation, we listen to you and ask all the right questions to explore every angle of your distinct case.



Corporate and Partnership transaction assistance



About to start a business with a few partners? Need help with buying a business? Jumping in with legal help is like jumping into a swimming pool without water. Let us guide you through your transaction.



Your source for tax and financial help



For trusted financial and tax advice and guidance, look no further. Our team works with you, one-on-one, step-by-step, leading you towards the maximum return and lowest audit risk.



Legal and Financial advice for estate and wealth planning



Wondering how to invest your disposable income? Have you come into a large sum of money and need the help of a financial planner to put it to work for you? We can help!


Your personalized legal and financial source.



When it comes to matters pertaining to the law, taxes, and other financial obligations, rules and regulations are limitless. With so many changes to laws occurring year and year, it pays to have experts at your side who can keep you and your assets up to date.


That’s us. We are Farivar Law Firm, APC. Consider us for all matters legal and financial.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “All I need to make it in life is a good lawyer and a good CPA.” Farivar Law Firm, APC offers both legal and financial services so that all you need is one single source for managing taxes, getting legal advice, reviewing contracts, handling litigation, business, employment, and bankruptcy matters, and so much more.


Think of it, one solution, one source—to countless business and personal concerns you would normally have to juggle with multiple third parties. Not anymore!


For legal, tax, and general financial consultations, contact our law office at 818-796-2060 or 310-817-6770. 


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August 11, 2019


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